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About Us

Monument started as an idea when we were trying to address our own photo and video management needs and problems. Each of us had multiple USB drives full of photos and videos we simply were unable to organize and access whenever we want. Cloud solutions kept us locked into one company or the other, forced us to pay increasingly steep monthly fees, and yet we could never be sure about our privacy. This provided a challenge to us to develop a simpler, better, and more effective solution.

After a deep dive into solutions available today, we interviewed over a hundred people and created our first prototype. Reiteratively collecting feedback from our first designs and continuously improving the concept, we ended up creating the product that we call Monument today.

Our Kickstarter launch raised $703,818 with the help of 5,029 awesome backers, placing us as the second most successful Chicago based start-up on Kickstarter. We completed the development of the product in 8 months following its Kickstarter debut and Monument successfully shipped at the end of October 2016. Since then we've sold thousands of units online and through national and international re-sellers.

Jellop Early Adopters is a marketplace that helps innovative creators like Monument, who got their start on Kickstarter, introduce unique products to gadget lovers and enthusiastic early adopters.


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