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Monument Photo Storage and Management Device

Monument is an Artificial Intelligence enabled personal cloud device that centralizes and organizes your photos by date, location, faces, and scenery, while protecting your privacy and without carrying recurring fees.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Centralized, fully automatic back and organization up of all your photos and videos
  • Flexible storage, no monthly fees - connects to your own external hard drive letting you upgrade to more space whenever you want
  • Frees up phone space - Automatically remove photos and videos from your phone that have been backed up to your Monument and access everything through the app
  • Original quality - Whether it's a 50 megapixel photo or a 4K video, back up your high resolution content as it is!
  • Full privacy - your photos are always safe, private, and under your control
  • Multi-user support for up to 5 users

Why They Love It:

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